Generations of Angry Souls

This bottle contains the antidote

But I won’t give it to the victim.

All along I tried to ask them

What was the first symptom?

Maybe I’ve changed too much

Or perhaps I’m just unaware.

I tried to tell everyone I was really nice

But it didn’t really get me anywhere.

One season I’m pissed because he’s wrong

The next because he is right.

I make a fist and pound the wall

Ready for this fight.

Another is dead from the poison

That now they blame me for.

I’ve smashed enough rocks to know

This lady isn’t keeping score.

They assume I’m all alone in this

That I haven’t the strength to win.

Generations of angry souls behind me

With wars we know how to begin.

Don’t test me with this stupidity

Because trust me, I’ll get it wrong.

There is danger in underestimating a woman

That knows without a doubt she is strong.






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Piece of My Heart

From the depths of me nobody has seen

Within tiny crevices I thought long forgotten

Pieces of art still stand that remain unvalued

Though I’m sure someone would put a price on them.

We stand together as one yet are separated by a vast ocean

That has never kept our hearts at bay.

You run your finger around the rim of a glass

That you have never touched

You bring my body and mind to places I’ve never been

Though I haven’t seen you.

We’ve fought, cried, laughed, read, and argued

From thousands of miles away.

The sound of your voice soothes me

In a way nothing ever has.

My dream is that one day we come together

Become a force nobody can tame.

That we love one another with the passion of a first love

And the hope of people that have never been hurt.

Crazy is the sun and moon that work together

Yet never see one another

It is a beautiful arrangement where one leaves

So the other can come.

One day we will stand together

One day we will come together

You, the piece of my heart.





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Through the Wall

The recliner over in the corner, the one next to the piano

That nobody seems to play anymore.

I wrote of that piano once, how it and I had so much in common

That we both sit, unheard.

My pen in hand, and notebook in the other, I began to write

First, I had this idea of a woman that was stranded on an island

Which for some reason got me thinking about sex

Which always seems to distract me for a while.

The phone rings, but it isn’t for me

Someone has the wrong phone number, and ruined my daydream.

Begin to draw a picture of a dragon, then remember I cannot draw

So I begin my poem, unsure what it will be about.

Writing has always been my passion, my first love

Only one person has ever said they loved me, then spoke poorly of it

He obviously isn’t around anymore.

I always try to think of one part of my life to add to a write

Whether it is a feeling I can relate to, or the color of dress I really do own

That way a piece of me is in every write.

Sometimes I hate rhyming, or a poem doesn’t make sense with it

Or it is one of those that have something I really need to say

And I don’t want the hurdle of rhyming slowing me down.

This one, it is translucent

Easily decoded once you get past the ideals

Which I have only put in the write to see if I could divert your attention

It rarely works, but I always try it.

When I get nearly done with it, I stare at the wall

I realize that writing isn’t looking at the wall, blankly…

It is looking through it.

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A Break

A crowded hallway

That contained nobody.

A shadow upon a wall

That everyone sees

But no one is there.

I stood before a mirror

Touched what should have been my hand

And kept reaching.

It made me wonder if I should step in

Walk away from my life.

Would anyone notice my absence?

Has anyone noticed my absence?

I’ve been gone for days now

Wandering around in darkness

Wanting nothing more

Than a break

From life.

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Ash & Soot

We built a fire upon a wooden altar

Then cursed everyone that questioned our minds.

When we seek to know the truth

We never know what one truly finds.

Everyone likes the idea of a fire

But have you seen the aftermath?

Lives destroyed, and hearts are hurt

Then the lady takes another path.

Then there is the ash and soot to consider

It all is just a bitter mess.

When you were done with me I took some in my hands

And wiped it all over my dress.

I don’t know if you have noticed

But I’m not waiting any longer.

My heart was taken back long ago

And I’m feeling oh so much stronger.

I don’t play with fire anymore

I don’t believe what comes from a humans mouth

I keep telling the man I live in the North

Yet he insists on traveling South.

I am to believe he wants me desperately!

He’s never wanted another more!

I’d like to lie as much as him

But I haven’t been keeping score.

I yawn now when he speaks of desire

Fall asleep when he speaks of his devotion.

It is the only relationship I’ve ever had

Devoid of true emotion.

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In A Better World

In a better world

No child would ever go hungry

Because we would all be making sure every one of them got fed.

In a better world

We wouldn’t go to war

We would find peace through understanding our differences.

In a better world

There would be honesty and integrity in journalism

Sensationalism and distortions wouldn’t exist in our media.

In a better world

Our leaders would be people we were proud of

People we could look up to, strive to be like.

In a better world

No woman would ever be abused or raped

We would teach our sons respect and honor.

In a better world

We would allow people to believe as they wish

Dance, sing, and worship as they chose, without judgement.

In a better world

We would understand this world has no borders

That we are not strangers, we are all human, we are all the same.

In a better world

We wouldn’t judge people based on whom they loved

Whether it was a man or woman or both, we wouldn’t care, because love is love.

In a better world

Our education system would teach diversity

Not teach so a child could pass a test, but teach them things they need to learn about the world.

In a better world

We would take care of our people

Better than most people take care of their animals.

In a better world

We wouldn’t harm the planet to obtain riches

But understand we have all we need and will make do with what we have.

In a better world

It wouldn’t matter how much someone made

It would only matter the integrity he has in his heart.

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